Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I miss wireless internet

Hey gang.

Just a note to say I finally arrived in Shirati on Sunday, and have had a good couple of days in the hospital. I will detail it more fully in the blogs to follow, as I've got more to tell than you people have time to read.

Luke, Tom, Jack--thanks for the posts. Sorry about the stereo dog. I don't think they've called me the derogatory name, Jack--not like I would know if they did. Thomas, I expect fingers were broken for every heathen comment made about me in my absence.

Can't write more now b/c they're leaving the office in a couple mintues. Not much time each day for email, and DEAR LORD how slow the modem is. Tear out my toe nails, make me watch Oprah--anything but modem internet. So I'll be writing them at home on a word document and then just zapping them in here.

In the next blog, be sure to tune in for...

-The bouncy bus ride, where Lorenz works on his vertical (seat to butt distance) while sitting in wetness of unclear etiology, and manages to make some good Rafiki (friends).

- The first day on the wards, where resident Dr B unintentionally challenges an experienced attending Tanzanian doctor on the diagnosis of pneumothorax (I was right, btw. Just need to work on that whole respectful cultural politeness thing).

- Very rewarding work in the ER, where almost every patient presents with disease I'd only seen in textbooks (Malaria, Active Pulmonary Tuberculosis)...

- And finally, Lorenz picks an African name, because not a single Tanzanian has been able to say "Larry" yet.


Melanie said...

I miss your wireless internet too. Not gonna lie, I was disappointed yesterday when I went to put CoCo County tax dollars to good use and there was no new posting. Disaster.
Congrats on the accurate diagnosis and I patiently await the unveiling of this African name...

Joe Carey said...

Hey Lar! Wow, some really interesting tuesday-still-in-my-boxers-at-noon-because-because-I'm-on-nights reading that you gave me this morning! You should have said 'hi' to Ms Tanzania for me, we're actually old friends. What an exciting trip, and thanks for keeping us in the loop. Good luck and I hope you continue to enjoy! ps- wish Lena and I a happy anniversary yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Larry!

Good to hear from you again. I assume you didn't see Pete & Charlotte, because they always have internet access (not sure how fast it is - I brought them a modem the last time I visited them).

Ah, yes. I remember riding on the roads. For a woman, it requires a sports bra.

Nisa mehe (please forgive me) might be a useful phrase to use with the Tanzanian doctor.

I look forward to your next post when we learn your name. Did you choose it yourself, or was it given to you???

Aunt Cath

Larry Burchett said...

Lorenzo - glad to hear you are still alive! Sounds like it will be a great adventure. Any chance of a pic or two to help visualize what is going on over there?

I too await the new moniker and am wondering what you have picked.
Roy (Dad)

John said...


The Taggart Family sends its love. What an adventure so far. I am going to sound like a nag, but be careful brother. Good luck out there. Go chase your dreams. You make us proud!

Lot's of love!

the Taggart's

Angela said...

To maybe supplement your adventures, here is some Kiswahili newly arrived in a blog-email from our friend Kate, previously mentioned:

Umewahi – You're on time/You made it
Jisikia nyumbani – Feel at home
Nilikwama porini kwa ajili ya mvua – I was stuck in the wilderness due to the rain
Samahani kwa kupotea – Forgive me for being lost
Nimekukumbuka sana – I have missed you a lot
Naomba nikusaidie – Let me help you
Mungu akipenda – If God wishes

Go get 'em!
Angela and Alex