Thursday, July 10, 2008

Layover in Amsterdam

I write from a  rainy day in the centro of Amsterdam.  With a 9 hour layover, I grabbed a train to the city center and just spent a couple hours tooling around in the rain.  To avoid exchanging U$D for euro and paying for internet cafe, I'm stealing internet in the local Apple store in town.  HA HA, take that European Union.  Just doing my part to get the US economy back on track.

Thanks for the emails and posts.  This is fun.

Not all it's cracked up to be.  I threw down a 1mg tab as the plane took off from Minneapolis to Amsterday (8 hour flight), and payed attention to everything.  First, it really irritated my stomach.  Then, nothing happened.  I was a little drousy, I guess, but I was drousy to begin with.  I was hoping it would be like general anesthesia where I would just start counting and then pass out.  No such luck.  Of course, the next thing I knew it was dinner time and we had already crossed the Atlantic.  Nice.  I acutally feel unexpectedly not tired right now.  I may doubt the dose over the next continent.

I might just sit here and write until they bust me.  They have to know I'm using them.  

Stuff is expensive here.  Tons of shoe stores.  Saw a foot locker.  Tons of Burger Kings, like more than MacDonalds.  Those trendy soccer shoes are like $100-$200.  Whatever.  Not that cool.  I tried to bargain but they weren't too interested in my garage sale approach to their high item merchandise.  Commies.

And about twice a block I get a full lung of weed.  Maybe that's why I'm feeling a little better since stopping off the plane.

Ok, I think they're on to me and I'm going to bail now before getting arrested and forced to buy soccer shoes and marijuana.

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jack said...

u know what? when i got off the train, i instantly wanted to jump back on and buy a ticket to go with you. also, if you get a needle stick there, i'm going to kick your ass so be careful and stay safe.